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How do you think, will you survive in zombie apocalypse? Let’s rehearse this action!

ZOMBIE! Run for Your Lives! is a really funny board game that will make any party just unforgettable. It’s a game full of action and laughter; it’s a friendly competition for lives. It might sound crazy but don’t be afraid, everything will be perfect!

Okay, now let’s pretend that everything what is going on is going on for real… You and your friends (the game ZOMBIE! Run for Your Lives! is recommend for 3 or more people) are suddenly surrounded by uncountable number of the living dead, who are super aggressive and they're going to eat you all actually! What would you, guys, do?

We have some good news for you – one of the players will be alive to the end of the game. How could it be possible? Everything is pretty simple – you should just run really fast. But the fact is that you don’t need to outrun the zombies – you need to outrun your friend! You need to be careful. There are many different types of zombies in the game... Only certain weapons are effective against each type of zombie. There's no good gun? Don’t be shy, you can ask for help from friends (who run too fast). If a living dead ate you – the game is not over for you. Now you become a zombie! Yeah, you cannot win, but you, surely, remember those friends who didn’t want to help you, now it's your turn!

For all the quick, witted and careful planers we have a set of special rules that will make the game more diverse and unpredictable.

Note that the playing time of the game ZOMBIE! Run for Your Lives! depends on the number of players. The more people are playing - the game goes to an end quicker. There’s always someone in a big team who’d gladly push a team mate in to a hungry zombie just to save his own neck.

Now, when you have imagined all of that, who do you think of your friends would be the only survivor?

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Action, Party game
Sub-genre Card game, Zombies, Humor
Playing time 15 — 30
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 3 — 7
Contents 63 cards, game rules (English, German, French, Russian languages)
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