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War machines set

War machines set

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Awesome set of 7 ancient siege engines will not leave anyone indifferent! With these weapons in your collection you'll, undoubtedly, destroy any wall and capture any fortress or even a whole city. Assembling of these models is easy and fun, but do you know what is even more fun? The answer is: playing with them. After all, the models of siege engines are really working! With the proper assembling you can easily launch a small stone at 6-10 feet. Cool, huh?

1. Ancient catapult by Leonardo da Vinci

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): 7x2x6 inches (190x60x170 mm)

This catapult with a winch is a perfect sample of da Vinci’s work, it’s a real masterpiece! The model reproduces its real prototype.

The Catapult model kit is an original 3D puzzle that can be used any way your fantasy may suggest. It can be an important element of a medieval town defense or a working weapon captured as a trophy.

Please note that it’s a working model: while in a real catapult a flexibility of wood was used, this model uses flexibility of plastic and tension of a thick cord. As a result you can launch a small stone at 8 feet!

This working model kit is complemented with two projectiles and figures of soldiers wearing uniform.

2. Siege Tower 336

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): 13x4x8 inches (340x95x215 mm)

Many war games include rules for a siege of fortresses. This is a very interesting but rare scenario because it requires some special supplements such as a fortress and a lot of siege equipment.

The most effective siege engine is a siege tower that is basically a huge structure on wheels. A tower was usually higher than a fortress walls (model height is 21.5 cm or 8 inches). This model is a complete copy of a real siege tower and all the small details are designed perfectly. Also the model has a mechanism made according to the type of mechanism that moved these huge towers to the place of destination.

The set is supplemented with 22 figures of attacking warriors, defenders, archers, crossbowmen, two knights and others. In addition you’ll also find a shooting ballista and a small supply of arrows. You can place the ballista inside a tower and shoot it through an open window or place it on the top of the siege tower.

3. Ballista

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): 6x3x6 inches (155x85x145 mm)

A ballista is an ancient missile weapon that was used for throwing various large projectiles such as spears, stones, javelins to a distant target. The ballistae existed in ancient Greece and at the time of the Roman Empire; this type of weapon along with a trebuchet and a mangonel was also used by knights in the Middle Ages. During the time people made ballistae of different sizes, sometimes very huge ballistae were used during sieges.

One of the defense weapons of a medieval town, a war rarity found among the ruins of an unknown settlement, an exhibit of an ancient arsenal collection – you can choose any playing plot you want or think up a new one.

The set includes 12 flat cardboard miniatures of soldiers and six projectiles for throwing. The soldiers can be used as a crew or as enemy troops – a good target for your ballista!

4. Battering Ram

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): battering ram: 6x3x3.5 inches (160x80x90 mm); defensive wall: 9x5.5x6 inches (220x140x170 mm)

As a rule, medieval castles and fortresses were protected with high and thick city walls and the invaders had to destroy them somehow. In course of time various siege engines were invented, especially interesting device was a battering ram.

A battering ram is an ancient weapon, a siege engine in a shape of a large log that should have been struck into the wall to destroy it. Often the log was strengthened with a bronze tip in the shape of a head of a sheep.

The complete set includes a battering ram, a defense mechanism and a fragment of a wall. The wall is made of several connected fragments; it can be assembled in the form of a whole or a broken wall. Moreover, the fragments can be removed one at a time showing the gradual destruction of the wall. The log sways from side to side and is ready to hit the wall!

5. Trebuchet

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): 11x6x14 inches (290x145x350 mm)

A trebuchet is a medieval catapult for besiege of cities. Gravitational energy of the falling multi-ton cargo-counterweight was used in a trebuchet to throw a projectile. Large counterweight trebuchets were capable to break through a city wall by a few accurate hits.

The Trebuchet kit model is a huge structure (model height is 29cm or 11 inches) with a lot of possibilities of using.It can be the most powerful weapon for capturing enemy’s castle or a valuable trophy after the fierce battle.

Please note that it’s a working model: with proper assembling it is possible to launch a small stone at 16 feet!

The set includes flat cardboard miniatures (25mm) of warriors, a few cardboard projectiles, a model of protective stockade and a four-wheeled bullock cart for transportation of projectiles for the trebuchet.

6. Springald

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): 4.5x5.5x4 inches (115x140x105 mm)

A springald is a kind of a catapult for throwing large bolts.

Cool that it’s a working model: while in a real springald a flexure of a wooden plank was used, this model uses flexure of a plastic plank wrapped in paper. When you press the lever the hook releases this plank that in its turn pushes the bolts with a great strength. As a result you can launch 3 bolts at once at 7-8 feet! And note that there is a traversing and elevating mechanism in this model: you can handle aiming right and left or up and down.

The set includes 11 flat cardboard miniatures of soldiers. They can be used as a crew or as enemy troops – a good target for your bolts! And there is a small carriage for spare bolts.

7. Mongol nomads camp

Size of the assembled model (L*W*H): a yurt: 5x4x5 inches (120x95x120 mm); a repeating crossbow: 6x2.5x3 inches (160x65x80 mm)

Most of his life a nomad lived in a special collapsible dwelling called yurt. A yurt had a wooden frame covered with an animal skin and decorated inside with fabrics and color patterns. Although it was a temporary dwelling, a yurt was very warm (the fire was built just inside the tent) and well protected from wind and rain.

The Mongols had excellent siege machines seized in China.

Chinese masters reached perfection in the manufacturing of complex mechanisms; for instance a repeating crossbow also called Chu-ko-nu, which is included into the set, definitely has a Chinese origin.

The Repeating crossbow is a working model! It can shoot arrows at a distance of 8 feet! The magazine in the upper part of the Repeating crossbow can be loaded with 7 bolts that can be fired very quickly one after another by simply pressing on the lever. The set includes 64 bolts - shoot for fun! :)

There are some cardboard miniatures of nomads and pets (25 mm) in the kit.

Please note that the models are compatible with 25 mm and 28 mm miniatures.

Each model is made of durable cardboard of 1.5 millimeter thick; it has double-sided full-color printing and embossing (note that embossing is a unique technology for cardboard models!). The models could be easily assembled without glue or scissors. Each kit is provided with colorful language independent step-by-step instructions.

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Historical period Medieval
Unit type War machines
Scale 28 mm, 25 mm
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 1.6 kg
Contents 7 individual boxes with cardboard models
Complexity of the assembly 4 (5)

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