Victorian DOLLHOUSE #1

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Victorian houses, which are the houses that were built during the reign of Queen Victoria, have become an integral part of British history, characterizing the end of the 19th century. There was an Industrial Revolution at this time period, when many houses made of reliable material were built for all classes of people throughout England and in its colonies.

Victorian houses included elements of many architectural styles from different eras, but it still remains in history as totally unique buildings. At that time life in the houses of England and Europe became comfortable and people tried to make their houses beautiful and cozy.

At the same time toy shops started selling houses for dolls and toy pieces of furniture. Since then, children all around the world are trying to find the secrets of home comfort and to make their own dollhouses. They furnish a miniature rooms with furniture and fill it with useful things for the inhabitants of the house.

Dollhouse type 1 has two floors and an attic, a big hall and a living room with an elegant bay window!
All windows have glass of transparent plastic with a picture of the window frames.

There is also a porch, which is obviously leading into a small garden or courtyard. Just take a look at the staircase in this house: beautiful carved oak looking perfect with the whole stylish interior. And miniature balcony would be a good rest place for all the inhabitants.

Often Victorian houses were built with fireplaces to make the house warmer and more comfortable; this model has a fireplace in the attic! Dark and misty garret won’t be a creepy place anymore because of the cosiness that fireplaces make.

Durable, thick, mill-lined cardboard, with a thickness of 1.6 millimeters, gives this constructor a new quality. It’s nice and convenient to make models now. This model is printed on cardboard on two sides with full color printing. Also the cardboard is very pleasant to the touch, because it has the embossing. The embossing makes this model look almost like a real house; you can touch and feel every brick, stone, plank… Even the flowers look relief and real! The locks snap into place with a satisfying click-effect. After playing, it's easy to take it apart and put in a box or bag that is easy to store. Please note that no glue or scissors required!

The fact is that dollhouses have become a real nice hobby not only for kids but also for adult collectors. It is always a pleasure to make something with your own hands! And a Dollhouse is DIY style, needs to be assembled by yourself, your friend or with kid together.

NOTE that Dollhouse Type 1 can be combined with Dollhouse Type 2 and Dollhouse Type 3 into a big building.

Also, in our store we have a huge range of stylized furniture for doll houses. We are sure you will find the perfect furniture for your house here!

Size of the DOLLHOUSE is: 42 x 48 x 68 cm or 1’5” x 1’7” x 2’3” (L*W H)
Size of the box is: 49,5 x 35,5 x 4 cm or 1’8” x 1’2” x 2” (L*W*H)

Type Doll House
Scale 1:12
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 3.515 kg
Contents House parts - 106, assembly instruction
Suggested age 7 — 99
Style Retro
Complexity of the assembly 2 (5)

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