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Units set (for Swords and Bagpipes)

Units set (for Swords and Bagpipes)

Article: AC-T-0163
Category: Tokens
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Swords and Bagpipes is a great board game where you need to use your deduction and strategy planning skills. The plot of the game is about the war between England and Scotland and you act like a commander of a clan, you have some troops and each round you have to make a very important decision either to support Scotland and freedom or to betray it for gold! You should know that sometimes joining the winning side is not cowardice but wisdom!

You can replace cardboard unit markers in Swords and Bagpipes board game with these tokens!

Scotland gathers troops to fight against English invaders. You need a large army to win the battle; the Unit type tokens show the size of your army in a castle or in a military camp. But remember, the same army can betray Scotland and act on the side of English king!

Units set consists of laser-cut and engraved transparent unit tokens (45 tokens with strength of 1, 15 tokens with strength of 2 and 5 units with strength of 4).

The plastic tokens are much more durable than cardboard ones, so they’ll last longer and will look perfect on the game table!

The set also includes a wooden storage box with a transparent cover that can be locked up easily.

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Type Tokens
Game system Swords and Bagpipes
Color light blue
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.3 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic)
Contents 65 unit token in wooden box
Symbol: "1", "2", "4"

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