TokenForge - Keyforge Compatible Token Set  TokenForge is a Keyforge compatible token set

TokenForge - Keyforge Compatible Token Set

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Keyforge tokens set

Looking for custom Keyforge tokens? You came to right place!

Keyforge is a unique board game. In real sense.

As experienced gamer you probably did not choose to buy its starting set: that’s why you miss some essential components – tokens and chain rule tablet. Or maybe you want to have something unique as your own decks.

Therefore, for such people as you we have TokenForge!

TokenForge is Keyforge compatible token set. So it can make your own game totally unique.

First we’ve got TokenForge, so we can call it "a core set". TokenForge is a set of 70 tokens compatible with unique card game KeyForge.

These tokens help to mark quantity of resources, damage and armor points on the creatures, to track states & modifiers on the gaming cards.

Keyforge compatible tokens are made of colorful acrylic and therefore they remind of some gems and treasures. In other words, with this set you really get a feeling of creating something precious.

By the way, TokenForge tokens are very convenient. It means that they are not too small, so it's easy and comfortable to pick up and lay down pieces during the game. And they are not too big, so tokens don't overlap important information on the gaming cards. Minimalist design does not distract attention from the gameplay. We should also mention that expressive acrylic material adds decoration to gaming components.

Appositely you can also expand TokenForge with other sets of series.

In conclusion we can sum up all things you get with TokenForge

TokenForge set features:

• Consist of

3 keys in red, blue and yellow colors,

15 æmber tokens,

19 damage tokens,

8 armor tokens,

8 power tokens,

8 stun tokens,

9 chain tokens;

• Damage token with values of 1, 3 & 5;

• Chains tokens with values of 1 & 6;

• Compact one-sized tokens, 20 mm in diameter;

• Comfortable 3 mm thickness to pick up and lay down tokens;

• Tokens do not overlap important information and illustrations on cards;

• Different token types are color coded;

• You may "load" Forged key token with æmber token in one stack;

• Tokens are stackable like casino chips;

• Keyforge Tokens sound pretty clanky when clashed.

Designed by Alek Ludofan

Type Tokens
Game system KeyForge
Material Acrylic
Shipping weight 0.7 kg
Contents 70 tokens

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