The Kingdoms of Crusaders board game: Ordonnance. Expansion

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The Kingdoms of Crusaders: Ordonnance is an expansion to the main game. While using this expansion you also have to vie for power in five states of the crusaders, but now you have more options and new possibilities.

Up to four people now can participate in the game process and the expansion contains an extra set of the core cards and two extra “location lines”. In the core game you had to dominate more locations than your opponent; with the increase in the number of players, the winner is determined by points. Points are awarded when unit strength of each player is compared at each location. To make it easier, the set contains special cards that show the amount of points in different locations. The one to earn the most points throughout all locations will be the winner.

It’s still important to build a strong army but the strategic part of the game has changed. It’s not enough to concentrate all your forces in 2-3 locations: it may be more rewarding to equally spread your units. Now, when you placed your troops, you need to keep track of more than one opponent – the game has changed, becoming harder but more interesting.

Important feature about this expansion is that we made special cards that affect on а certain location and on all the troops in it. Also we added cards that allowing you to influence directly on enemy troops, to destroy or move them.

This way the new The Kingdoms of Crusaders opens up new challenges to players, making it more difficult. Now you’ll need to think twice and keep an eye on the playing field while planning your winning strategy.

Basic game or expansion Expansion to basic game
Genre Family, Strategy
Sub-genre Historic, Card game, Medieval, Bluffing
Playing time 30 — 40
Suggested age 12 — 99
Number of players 2 — 4
Contents 36 basic cards, 42 expansion cards, 2 territory cards, 15 victory markers, rules of expansion
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