The Enigma of Leonardo. Quintis Fontis board game

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We all know that two heads are better than one, but what about three or four heads? The answer is: three or four heads are much better! The researchers of the da Vinci’s diaries decided to gang up and try to solve the enigma of Leonardo all together. But it doesn’t mean that they refused from the rivalry. Instead of it, for the researchers it has become a matter of honor to discover another interrelation between the scattered fragments before the fellow competitors, and be the first to chalk up the new discovery.

Quintis Fontis is an Amateur variant of rules for the board game called The Enigma of Leonardo, which has been so successful that it was published as a standalone game. It became a specialized version of The Enigma of Leonardo designed for hardcore players, for those, who considered the core version too simple, who enjoys strategic planning and quick thinking. From one side, this expansion requires players to closely follow a game process and opponent’s actions, from other side - it is giving the ability of making new winning combinations and additional possibilities for players. You can play The Enigma of Leonardo by these rules using a base set (all that will be needed in excess of it, any minor subject to veto counter, for example a coin), but in a set of Quintis Fontis you can find a little more cards, plus they are tailored specifically for the new conditions of the game. Moreover, among them there are special action cards that are not in the base box.

It is almost impossible to win at the common field on your own: in Quintis Fontis expansion it is necessary to consider the interests of opponents and skillfully use them to your advantage.

In conclusion we can say that the game is becoming more challenging, complex and interesting, which means that if you’re already a fan of The Enigma of Leonardo board game – you will love it even more!

Basic game or expansion Expansion to basic game
Genre Family, Strategy
Sub-genre Educational, Card game, Renaissance
Playing time 30 — 50
Suggested age 12 — 99
Number of players 2 — 4
Contents 67 cards, 36 secret keys, "veto" counter, game rules
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