Swords and Bagpipes board game Special Dagger deck

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Special Dagger deck is a mini-expansion for Swords and Bagpipes board game.

It is an alternative Dagger deck for experienced players. Now the Dagger cards that you get for betrayal have additional features! How about getting two more troops to your Camp during the final battle? Or acquiring a prize of five gold if England wins the war? You would definitely love it because with this mini-expansion you will have more depth, more variety and more fun!

More about add-ons for the Swords and Bagpipes board game: there is also an expansion called Know Your Enemy deck which consists of 12 Bagpipe cards that will help you to guess who is going to betray the country!

Basic game or expansion Expansion to basic game
Genre Family
Sub-genre Historic, Medieval, Bluffing
Playing time 20 — 45
Suggested age 14 — 99
Number of players 2 — 6
Contents Dagger cards - 16 cards, expansion rules
Shipping weight 0.013 kg

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