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As we all know, various types of spinning tops have become a favorite toy of many children and adults since antiquity! There are a few types of spinning tops such as Competing or Gaming tops.

“True D4” is a Gaming top similar to a dreidel or a perinola. That is a creative number generator (min. 1 max.4) similar to a standard four-sided dice that is used in many board games and RPGs to obtain random integers in the range 1–4.

Place your four-sided pyramid (tetrahedron) dice on a shelf and let it lie there in peace, because with our "True D4" spinning top you won't need to use the die anymore! Just spin the True D4 around and wait for a few seconds till it'll show you the result. If you want to see the result faster just throw the spinning top into a box with borders.

Before assembling don't forget to remove the protective film; combine all the parts and use glue to cement the details. Be sure to use a small amount of glue and try to keep your fingers from sticking together! :)

Type Dice
Game system Board games, Role-playing games
Color red
Shipping weight 0.07 kg
Material Plastic
Contents 8 details.
Size (L*W*H) 0.7x0.7x1.3 inches (18x18x33 mm)
Symbol: "1", "2", "3", "4"

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