Slavic rowboat

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A Slavic rowboat is a big single sticker with a square sail. It was used for fishing and commercial traffic as well as for warfare on the seas, lakes and rivers. The rowboat moved under sails with a help of the oars.

An after body and a bow of a rowboat usually were decorated with images of animal heads and the rowboat itself didn't have deck flooring. This type of boats was typical and common for many nations of the medieval Europe. Similar rowboats with a few differences in the proportions and sizes could have been found on rivers and in coastal waters of all countries that were close to the shores of the Baltic and North seas.

Massive metal shields hung on the sides of the ship to protect the oarsmen from arrows in case of attack on the ship.

The main feature is the ability to use this model in war games of 25 and 28 mm and in RPGs. It can be used in scenarios of naval battles with boarding or for battles in a port. You can buy the Slavic rowboat model for tactical war games such as Castles, Cogs & Chevauchees or Confrontation. With terrain models of the Medieval Town series you would be able to create amazingly realistic Harbor landscapes.

The paddles are moving and you can easily make a sailor's knot in a rope if you wish! The set is complemented with flat cardboard miniatures of sailors, soldiers and merchants. Please note that the model is made of cardboard and not designed for running on water!

The Slavic rowboat is made of durable cardboard of 1.5 millimeters thick; it has double-sided full-color printing and embossing (note that embossing is a unique technology for cardboard models!). Through the material of the model (cardboard) you can modify it or turn it to a ruined or a burned out ship. The model could be easily assembled without glue or scissors. It is provided with colorful language independent step-by-step instructions.

Historical period Medieval
Unit type Ship
Scale 28 mm, 25 mm
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.5 kg
Contents 31 details, a rope, an assembly instruction
Complexity of the assembly 3 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) 11.5x6x7 inches (290x150x180 mm)

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