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Rare & Unique (RUbrand) is a Russian company, established in 2013. We specialize at designing and creating game accessories. We also act as online shop, selling game accessories, miniature terrain, board games and a lot of other awesome stuff.

Rare & Unique is a branch of Rightgames, one of the oldest Russian board game companies, operating since 2002. Rightgames is very well known inside Russia. Among the hits of Rightgames are original edition of Evolution, Swords and Bagpipes, Potion-Making, Founders of the Empire, Kings under Mountains, Shinobi. War of Clans and other titles.

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Thank you very much for your interest! We do our best to offer you high quality goods, that will bring awesome experience in your gaming life!

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IP Osipenko Alexander Nikitich, INN 773601771600, OGRNIP 316774600128773, addres: 121170, Russia, Moscow, ul. 1812 goda , d.2, kv. 171

Phone: +7 916 821-47-11

ИП Осипенко Александр Никитич, ИНН 773601771600, ОГРНИП 316774600128773, юр. адрес и фактический адрес: 121170, Россия, Москва, 1812 года улица, дом 2, кв. 171

Телефон: +7 916 821-47-11

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