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Senet is an ancient Egyptian board game; perhaps the oldest known board game. Originally the game is known since the predynastic period (about 3500 BC); in later times became associated with a journey to the underworld. The oldest set for Senet game was found in the tomb of Hesy-Ra who was a caretaker of the Royal library of pharaoh Djoser (around 2686 BC). Consequently, Senet boards were often placed in the grave alongside other useful objects for the dangerous journey through the afterlife, and the game is referred to in Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead.

Senet's gameplay is deeply symbolic: the field represents the path of the soul, the randomness of the throw of the sticks shows favor of the Gods, the tokens/chips that made it to the end of the board considered rescued from the Kingdom of the Dead…

In the end of the game the main challenges are waiting for the player... The token can leave the game field only after a successful roll of the dice!

The rules of the game:

Players take turns to move a single piece per throw of the split twigs viz:

  • 0 light faces up - 5 and an extra throw
  • 1 light faces up - 1 and an extra throw
  • 2 light faces up 2
  • 3 light faces up 3
  • 4 light faces up 4 and an extra throw

A square can only be occupied by one piece at a time. If no pieces can move, the turn is passed. If a piece lands on an opposing piece, the opposing piece is moved back to the square that the attacking piece started the move from.

The House of Happiness cannot be passed over. Every piece must land upon it before preceding onward. The House of water is to be avoided - when a piece lands on this square, the piece is returned to the House of Rebirth.

Pieces can only bear off the final three squares by throwing the number indicated on the square.

The first player to bear all pieces off the board wins.

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family
Sub-genre Prehistoric, Ancient
Playing time 15 — 25
Suggested age 8 — 99
Number of players 1 — 2
Contents Game board, wooden tokens (10 pcs), 4 dice, game rules
Shipping weight 0.3 kg

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