Samurai #4

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40 mm miniature, metal, unpainted.

Well-trained and armed samurai were the main striking force in times of civil war in Japan. The samurai (or bushi) were invincible and formidable warriors who feared nothing.

Samurai often used different types of spears during the battle, for example, yari or naginata. But each samurai, of course, was armed with a legendary sword called katana. The katana has a curved, slender and extremely sharp blade and a long grip to accommodate two hands. "A soul of the warrior" that's how the katana was called in the Edo period of Japanese history. The samurai were cold-blooded murderers who could cut the enemy in half with one stroke of the katana. There were legends, which said that in order to check whether the katana is sharp enough, the samurai went out on the street at night and cut the first stranger he met no matter who he was. Samurai, who spent all his life in the battle, was undefeated in close fight... until he meets another samurai.

Samurai armor was constructed from many small iron plates, connected to each other by rivets and macramé cords. Noble families had silk cords made in specific patterns and colors of silk thread. This armor was designed to be as lightweight as possible. The armor was usually brightly lacquered to protect against the harsh Japanese climate.

A miniature for collectors

Highly recommended for historical wargames 40 mm.

Faction Japanese army
Unit type Infantry
Scale 40 mm
Painting not painted
Material Metal
Manufacturer EK Castings
Shipping weight 0.15 kg
Contents 1 Samurai #4 miniature

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