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Samurai  Samurai (or bushi) were the military nobility of medieval Japan.


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5 miniatures, 40 mm, metal, unpainted.

Samurai (or bushi) were the military nobility of medieval Japan. The samurai were invincible, formidable, most feared and revered warriors of all time. They were supposed to live their lives according to the special ethical code of bushido ("the way of the warrior"). This code instilled a strong self-discipline to the warrior, taught him to worship and respect only one master. Like the European knights who lived and died for their King, the samurai pledged allegiance to the feudal lord daimyo.

Well-trained and armed samurai were the main striking force in times of civil war in Japan. There were also foot-soldiers ashigaru who helped the samurai during the fights (you might want to check out our store, we have miniatures of the ashigaru as well).

Now we can see that in the history of Japan the samurai were brave and loyal warriors who had an enormous influence on the development of Japan and left their mark in the culture of this beautiful country.

The set includes: Daimyo, 4 samurai

Miniatures for collectors

Highly recommended for historical war games 40 mm.

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Faction Japanese army
Unit type Infantry
Scale 40 mm
Painting not painted
Material Metal
Manufacturer EK Castings
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Contents 5 unpainted miniatures

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