Saint Basil's Cathedral

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For many people all around the world St. Basil's Cathedral is not only a symbol of the city of Moscow, the capital, but the symbol of the whole Russia! The cathedral of an incredible beauty was built near the Moscow Kremlin at the Red Square in 16th century (1555-1561). St. Basil's Cathedral consists of nine churches on a single footing. It can be even difficult to understand cathedral's layout without making a few detours inside the building! There are many legends and stories associated with the construction of the St. Basil's Cathedral but many of them were not confirmed. For example, one spooky legend says that Ivan the Terrible, Tsar of all the Russias, blinded the masters-architects when the Cathedral was built so they wouldn't be able to build a similar one! Creepy, right? Nevertheless, St. Basil's Cathedral has become a legendary symbol of Russia and its incredible history.

The cardboard model of St. Basil's Cathedral is a very realistic and detailed copy of its prototype. It is made of thin but very durable colorful cardboard, it has double-sided full-color printing and embossing (note that embossing is a unique technology for cardboard models!); the scale of the model is 1:150. Even though the assembling of this model is pretty hardcore (5 out of 5) you won't need glue or scissors, and the colorful language independent step-by-step manual will help you a lot!

Historical period Can be seen nowadays
Unit type Building
Scale 1:150
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.9 kg
Contents 393 details, assembly instruction
Complexity of the assembly 5 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) 1'1" x 1'4" x 1'2" (330x410x350 mm)

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