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Russian board games on russian language set - Special offer We made a Russian Language set for those who's studying the language and want to know the alphabet and how to make words.

Russian board games on russian language set - Special offer

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Russian language is one of the hardest languages in the world. 33 Cyrillic letters, 2 of them are unpronounceable… So confusing!

We are so happy to present you new and absolutely unique way of learning the language: through the board games!

We made a Russian Language set for those who's studying the language and want to know the alphabet and how to make words. And also we made it for Russian-speaking people who are living abroad and want their kids to know the language (or do not forget it) and to speak it properly.

Learning the language through such a fun way like board games playing is very convenient, informative and interesting!

In the Russian language set you'll find three very funny board games:

Underwood (Ундервуд)

Underwood is a fascinating and stylish board game reminiscent of the classic Scrabble or Erudite but without the playing field. Players make words of the cards, which depict individual letters of the Russian alphabet. Each letter has a certain value, the harder to attach it in a word, the more points it brings. "Underwood" card replaces any letter, and the prize cards make words twice or three times more valuable. The game continues until someone scores 100 points — this person will be the winner.

My Understands You! 2 (Я твоя понимай! 2)

My Understands You! 2 is a new version of the popular board game (My Understands You!), where you have to explain difficult words with simple concepts. It is a simple addicting game in the Association. The players act in turns as the inhabitants of a remote Arctic island and as the ambassadors that came from the civilized world. The task of the ambassadors is to explain to the islanders such modern realities as "democracy", "dynamite" or "advertising" by using the simplest of concepts: "tusk", "smoke" or "a lot". The natives at the same time trying to understand the strange guests. Victory points are given both for correct guesses and for good explanations. My Understands You 2 received the award "Tesera 2013" as the best social game and best family game.

The Hat (Шляпа)

The Hat is a creative game for a friendly company. The game is based on popular folk entertainment, known under the names "Association" or "Crocodile". Players take turns drawing from the hat a variety of words and phrases, and then trying to draw, to show and to explain these words and phrases to other participants. They can use all sorts of complications that not only make the game more fun, but also provide extra victory points. There are almost 100 words included in a basic set of The Hat, but the variety is limited only by the dictionary — and not only Russian. The main thing is that you can also think up your own set of words or phrases for playing the game. Coming up with own sets of words, The Hat can be used not only for entertainment but also for learning — for example, foreign languages.

What we wanted to say is that you should not worry about the fact that learning a language is very difficult or due to the fact that you do not get to remember everything. There are so many ways that would help you to make the learning process much easier!

Basic game or expansion Board games set
Best offer Yes!
Genre Family, Action, Party game
Sub-genre Educational, Card game, Humor
Playing time 30 — 90
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 16
Contents Underwood, My Understands You 2, The Hat
Shipping weight 1.56 kg


“My Understands You 2” (Я твоя понимай! 2) rules:

“Underwood” (Ундервуд) rules:

“The Hat” (Шляпа) rules:

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