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Romans  Romans - greatest warriors of roman Empire.


Article: M-M003
Category: Miniatures
Tags: Miniature
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5 miniatures, 40 mm, metal, unpainted.

The Roman Empire was the greatest state of the ancient world. With a developed system of roads and a powerful army it was possible to hold control over a vast territory and many peoples. The army of Ancient Rome consisted of legions leaded by Legates. Legions were split into cohorts leaded by centurions - the officers of the Rome army. Heavily-armed warriors-legionaries were the main strength of the army. Velites - light-armed auxiliary troops - supported the Rome army and acted as skirmishers and scouts.

The set includes: the Legate of the legion, a standard-bearer of the cohort, a centurion, a legionnaire, a velite

Miniatures for collectors

Highly recommended for historical war games 40 mm

Best offer Yes!
Faction Romans
Unit type Infantry
Scale 40 mm
Painting not painted
Material Metal
Manufacturer EK Castings
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Contents 5 unpainted miniatures

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