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Resource tokens set (for Eminent Domain)

Resource tokens set (for Eminent Domain)

Article: AC-TS-0137
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You can replace resource tokens in Eminent Domain with this nice and unique Set of tokens designed specially for this board game!

The tokens are used to mark the resources that you can produce and trade. There are four types of these tokens: Food, Water, Iron and Silicon. In the basic game there are 24 resource tokens, six tokens of each type.

In the game types of tokens differ by color but we made them look nicer by adding a picture of the resource.

NOTE. Each token consists of two parts: the first part is a small round piece of transparent acrylic plastic with an image of the resource engraved on it; the second part is a rim that is cut and engraved as well but on the colored plastic this time. Then we press the parts together and in the end we have our cool brand new tokens!

These tokens will look perfect on the game table!

Tokens for the Eminent Domain were developed in collaboration with the crowdfunding portal and with the publisher of Russian version of the game.

These resource tokens can be used in many other board games. They can be used to mark, for example, amount of extracted minerals and natural resources, different goods or raw materials for industrial production.

Type Tokens
Game system Eminent Domain
Color green
light blue
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.035 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic)
Contents 6 Food tokens, 6 Water tokens, 6 Iron tokens, 6 Silicon tokens
Size (L*W*H) 0,9x0,9x0,1 inches (23x23x3 mm)
Symbol: Ore, Coal, Drop of water, Wheat

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