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Passenger trains stop not only at the main stations of large cities or at the long platforms in small towns; sometimes these trains stop in places by request where only a few passengers or freight could be picked up or dropped off. To designate such stops the railroad workers use the name a whistle/request stop. There is no need to build a long platform at request stops because, typically, the passengers entrain or detrain only from the first car of the train to a short request stop platform.

In this set you'll find a model of such a whistle stop how it looked like in Russia or Eastern Europe in the 20th century. Some of such whistle stops can be seen nowadays because they are still working. For the convenience of passengers there is a small house. Usually railroad workers also have a small barn at these stations; in the barn they store shovels for snow removal, signal lights as well as special signs on long poles, each of which informs the driver of a passing train with various important information.

We especially recommend this model for creating railroad dioramas in H0 scale! It would perfectly fit in Modern era (19th-20th century) and World War II landscapes. And yes, the model is made in H0 scale and also compatible with 10 or 15 mm miniatures that makes it suitable as a terrain for various war games (you can find a list of compatible game systems below).

Internal premises of the model are very detailed and it can be seen through the windows. Note that through the material of the model (cardboard) you can modify it or turn it to a ruined or a burned out building.

The Request stop station model is made of durable cardboard of 1 millimeter thick; it has double-sided full-color printing and embossing. So you have no need to paint this terrain because it has nice and realistic exterior pictures and detailed interiors.

The model is provided with language independent step-by-step instructions and can be easily assembled without glue or scissors.

Compatibility with game systems: Нistorical (modern age or WWII) game settings, scale 10 mm or 15 mm: Flames of War, Team Yankee, Tanks, Impetus, De bellis Multitudinis, Fire and fury, Napoleon`s Battles, Blitzkrieg Commander, The Sword and the Flame, Jonny Reb III, Battleground World War II, Battlefront: WWII

Type Terrain
Scale 15 mm, HO (1/87), 1:100 (10 mm)
Assembling not assemled
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.2 kg
Contents 25 details, an assembly instruction
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) 8x3x4 in (195x70x105 mm)

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