Premium Eldritch Horror organizer (base)  Premium Eldritch Horror organizer (base) is great choice for all Eldritch Horror owners!

Premium Eldritch Horror organizer (base)

Article: А-AG-032

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You are a real fan of the game Ancient Horror! If it was not so, you would not come to this page. (We are sure)

So here you can get Premium Eldritch Horror organizer!

Premium Eldritch Horror organizer consists of a basic set (you are currently looking at it) and two additional accessories (A-AG-033 and A-AG-038). The basic set can hold a basic game Eldritch Horror and an expansion Forsaken Lore.

With the Premium Eldritch Horror organizer (A-AG-032) and the additional expansion (A-AG-033) you can fit into the organizer all Eldritch Horror published expansions.

All the Premium Eldritch Horror organizer’s components are developed based on all possible Eldritch Horror expansions.

The Premium Eldritch Horror organizer has enough space for all components of Eldritch Horror board game and its expansions. But, note, that for the game expansions (except Forsaken Lore) you will need to buy additional device (A-AG-033).

The Premium Eldritch Horror organizer (base) consists of:

FIRST BOX (Eldritch Horror base box is used):

1. Cardholders for encounter cards in urban locations (green, purple and orange cards) - 3 pcs.

2. Cardholder for common encounter cards - 1 pc.

3. Cardholder for expedition encounter cards - 1 pc.

4. Cardholder for other worlds encounter cards (when you want to close the gates, you take these cards) - 1 pc.

5. Dual-cardholder for asset cards and artifact cards - 1 pc.

6. Dual cardholder for spell cards and unique asset cards - 1 pc.

7. A card file for condition cards with 4 niches for storing cards, 16 cells for organizing sorting during the game, and with 2 cells in the back for storing gate tokens - 1 pc.

8. Card file for Ancients decks (Azathot, Yog-Sotot, Shub-Niggurat, Cthulhu) - 1 pc.

9. A card file for Myth cards decks (3 compartments for yellow, green and blue cards), hint cards (appear in expansions), foreplay cards (appear in expansions) and Ancient cards from expansion Forsaken Lore (Yig) - 1 pc.

10. Stands for Rumor cards - 3 pcs.

11. Box with a lid with 5 cells for tokens - 1 pc:

a) First player token, Omen token, and Doom token;

b) Mystery tokens;

c) Adventure tokens;

d) Rumor tokens;

e) Expedition token, Dream-Quest token, and Mystic ruin token.

12. The box with the cover for the clue tokens and dice (the box inside is divided into 5 sections - the first cell is big one for the clues involved in the game, 3 cells for the clues from three expansions, the 2nd large cell is for storing dice, it also is used during a game for storing used clue tokens) - 1 pc.

SECOND BOX (a box of HDF or a box from any large expansion to the game is used):

1. The box for Investigators’ and Ancients’ cards - 1 pc.

2. Box for positive effect counters (Improvement tokens and Focus tokens) - 1 pc.

3. Box for negative effects counters (Impairment tokens and Eldritch tokens) - 1 pc.

4. Box with 6 cells - 1 pc:

- for Health tokens,

- for sanity tokens,

- for travel tickets tokens.

5. Cardholder for Mythos cards - 1 pc.

6. Box for ordinary monsters tokens - 1 pc.

7. Box for epic monsters tokens - 1 pc.

8. Tablet for Ancient one with 4 cells – 1pc.

9. Organizer with a transparent cover for 50 figures of investigators with stands – 1pc.

Premium Eldritch Horror organizer is made of 3mm HDF and requires PVA glue for assembling.


- Assembling model kit.

- Supplied as separate parts.

- Use PVA glue for assembling.

- Do not use SuperGlue!

- Before assembling, remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and plastic parts.

Type Organizer
Game system Board games, Eldritch Horror
Color wood
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 2.6 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)

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