Premium Arkham Horror LCG Organizer  Premium Arkham Horror LCG Organizer is great present for every fan of Arkham Horror LCG.

Premium Arkham Horror LCG Organizer

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Arkham Horror LCG contains so many cards that after buying couple of expansions it’s impossible to fit them into base game box!

Our special offer, Premium Arkham Horror LCG Organizer, is created for you – board gamers who value marvelous games, convenience and ability to start playing without long preparing phase!


• 3 vertical card storages for decks (here you can put base deck x2 + all cards from Dunwich legacy expansions + all cards of Path to Carcosa expansions + Curse of Rougarou + Carnevale of Horrors);

• 4 cardholders for players;

• 4 character tablets;

• 1 scenario tablet;

• 10 location stands;

• 1 box for game tokens;

• 1 box for verification tokens;

• 1 large box with a cover to store all these great things,

• and lots of acrylic partitions for your cards!

List of expansions that fit into the box:

1. Base AHC01 x2 for 4 player game

2. The Dunwich Legacy AHC02

2.1 The Miskatonic Museum AHC03

2.2 The Essex County Express AHC04

2.3 Blood on the Altar AHC05

2.4 Undimensioned and Unseen AHC06

2.5 Where Doom Awaits AHC07

2.6 Lost in Time and Space AHC08

3. The Path to Carcosa AHC11

3.1 Echoes of the Past AHC12

3.2 The Unspeakable Oath AHC13

3.3 A Phantom of Truth AHC14

3.4 The Pallid Mask AHC15

3.5 Black Stars Rise AHC16

3.6 Dim Carcosa AHC17

4. Curse of the Rougarou uAHC09

5. Carnevale of Horrors uAHC10


- Assembling model kit.

- Supplied as separate parts.

- Use PVA glue for assembling.

- Do not use SuperGlue!

- Before assembling, remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and plastic parts.

Best offer Yes!
Type Organizer
Game system Board games, Arkham Horror
Color wood
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 4.2 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)

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