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Have you ever dreamed about to become a real wizard? To study potion-making or transfiguration? Do you want to use snake’s eyes and dragon’s tooth as ingredients for a potion? Or maybe you wanted a magical creature as a pet?

Well, believe me or not, but the dreams come true!

And you can see it while playing Potion-making board game. Now you can really call yourself a wizard or a witch! Because in this game you will make potions and elixirs, even more, you can make spells and creatures!

Potion-making is a card game and the cards are both recipes and core elements. Basic potions and elixirs can be used to create more powerful and complex spells, talismans and creatures. The more complex the recipe the more points you get.

But don’t worry if you do not have the right ingredient, maybe some of your opponents have already created it. If so – you can easily use potions brewed by other players, and both of you will share victory points. Accordingly, the player who earned the most points wins.

The game has 2 expansions – “University Course” and “Guild of Alchemists” that make the game even more fun. The expansions are separate decks of cards that can be used with the core deck. You may play with one or both expansion decks at the same.

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family
Sub-genre Card game, Fantasy
Playing time 40 — 90
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 6
Contents 76 cards, scoring track, scoring counters, game rules
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Rules & additional materials

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