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Preparation is an important element of the game. The player has to put all the resources on the game field, fill the locations with a set of artifacts and villains and prepare the characters for the game... But, surely, everyone wants to move quickly from preparation stage directly to the game!

We'd like to present you something that will make the preparation process much easier and shorter, something that will save your valuable time and allow you to start the game as soon as possible. We'd like to present you a perfect organizer for card games!

With this organizer you can easily and compactly accommodate all the ammunition your character has, you can see what's going on in the locations and monitor the sequence of moves.

In the end of the game session you can keep all the ammunition of the characters in special, very handy boxes. And the next game session will start even faster than the first one!

The item is sold unassembled.

The organizer is compatible with Pathfinder ACG, Eminent Domain, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror and many other card games.


1. A box with removable lid for storage of cardholders with two sections for characters’ decks of cards (you can store up to 10 characters decks at once) - 1 pc
2. A cardholder for location cards - 8 pcs
3. A double-deck cardholder with a horizontal tray (a player board for Pathfinder) - 6 pcs.
4. A cardholder for blessing cards- 1 pc
5. A cardholder for discarded blessing cards showing whose move is next - 1 pc
6. A dice box that is basically a box for storage of dices with an extra place for storage cards as well – 1 pc

All cardholders can be placed inside the game box and after closing the lid the box can be stored in any position (vertically, horizontally and upside down).

Type Organizer
Game system Pathfinder
Color wood
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 1.9 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Size (L*W*H) 11x11x4.5 inches (295x295x114 mm)

Assembly instructions

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