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Ottomans coins set (for Istanbul)

Ottomans coins set (for Istanbul)

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Oriental markets surely have some unique charm… Buyers are scurrying everywhere, onlookers are wandering around the stands, merchants and their assistants are touting their goods… chaos in one word!

On the market you can find and buy anything you want from various herbs and spices to different animals like camels or donkeys! What is the first thing you need for your market adventure? Right, money, of course!

We’d like to present you these unique plastic coins for Istanbul board game. The money in Istanbul board game designed exactly as its historical prototype – silver coins that were used in Turkey in the late 19th and early 20th century. In the base game set the coins are made of thick cardboard but it is still not very durable.

It is necessary to tell more about the design of the tokens because we’ve made them look more like the real coins:

-10-goid coin is designed like a golden 250 kurus coin minted by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Mejid I (1839-1861).

-5-silver coin is designed as a silver 20 kurus coin minted by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Mejid I in 1854.

-One copper coin is designed like a 10 para coin (1/40 of a kurus) minted by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamid II in 1901.

In the set you’ll find 57 coins (30 one copper, 15 five silver, 12 ten gold), it would be enough to replace all the stock cardboard money in the base game!

Type Tokens
Game system Istanbul
Color red
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.3 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic)
Contents 57 tokens
Symbol: "10", "5", "1"

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