Orc Totem Dice Tower

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Dice Tower Orc Totem (Kickstarter dicetower project)

Green-skinned orcs cannot imagine their lives without battles, and, as we all know, not many things are regarded as much as luck in the battle. The orcs don’t want to wait for any favors from the fickle fate, so they build totems that attract combat luck (sometimes to the enemy's army though). The mere sight of these giant totem towers terrifies: creepy faces rotate the eyes and clack jaws; inside the totem the dice is rolled with a sinister thud, preparing to bring down all the power of the green-skinned horde at the enemy.

A mechanical dice tower Orc Totem allows you to make an accurate and absolutely random roll. Dice tower is made in a brutal “orcish” style and it will, surely, become a great addition for the army of green-skinned fantasy barbarians. But in any other occasions the Orc Totem will definitely fit too. Skull details on the front side of the tower are moving during the throw; a sinister face rolls its eyes and clicks the jaw.

The Orc Totem is made of high density fiberboard (HDF). In addition to the animated skull the tower is decorated with an interesting engraving and relief images. The lever has the shape of a mushroom, the speed of the throw is adjustable by turning the crescent on the left side of the tower and a rickety fence is a barrier for dice. Also there is a special hole for large cubes in the back wall that makes the Totem very multi-functional, now the tower is compatible not only with small and medium dice but also with multifaceted dice. The kit includes an assembly instruction, but those who want to feel the Orc spirit won't need the instructions. Assembling doesn't require glue; however, if you wish to glue all the parts together, most common glues like PVA will be okay.

Assembled tower can be painted with special model paints in typical Orc colors.

Please note that the item is sold unassembled.

Type Dice tower
Color wood
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Contents 22 details
Size (L*W*H) 4x5x8 inches (100x120x170 mm)

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