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Old engine train set

Old engine train set

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This is a very retro set of rolling stocks! The set includes a locomotive, a passenger coach and a baggage car! Optionally, you can add a few passenger or sleeping cars and then you will get a full long train! Looking great and very stylish these wagons became history. This set would fit perfectly almost in any landscape because it's just so wonderful! Would it be a city railroad landscape or just a place in the cupboard of a collector - the model still will look perfect.

1. Su 214 steam locomotive

Su 214 was the first steam locomotive developed and produced in the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1951. Despite the fact that this locomotive was indicated only as a version, it has so many design differences from the prototype that it can rightfully be considered as a new type of locomotives. It was the most mass Soviet passenger steam locomotive that rode on the vast majority of the country's railways until the late 1960s. It is considered one of the world's best steam locomotives.

The model itself is a very detailed copy of the original Su steam locomotive and looks extremely realistic. The most interesting elements of the construction such as a wheelbase, steam boiler elements and a foot-plate of the locomotive are carefully specified.

2. Passenger car

This model is an exact copy of a wagon that rode the railways of the Soviet Union after the Civil war. It was a passenger two-axle third-class car manufactured at the "Red Putilovets" (former Putilov) factory in 1926; the car had 72 seats.

It was the first passenger wagons (length 14 m) that were released after the Civil war and all the destruction around. The design remained the same as in pre-revolutionary wagons but still it had some changes in the construction of the car. These passenger railcars were produced in a good many and were the most common cars for local transportation in the period of 1920-1950 years. These wagons were mostly painted in green.

The model itself is very detailed and looks extremely realistic. The most interesting elements of the construction such as an internal interior, a tambour, a water closet are carefully specified. The model even has plastic transparent windows!

3. Baggage car

Baggage cars were widely used around the world in the middle of the 19th century. These wagons were mostly used along with passenger trains to carry passengers' luggage/trucks, or in certain cases baggage cars were used as railway post offices. Today railway companies rarely use the baggage cars because the new cars are already built with baggage compartments. The baggage cars were very recognizable with its sliding doors and few windows.

This model is designed like a Soviet baggage car. It looks very realistic, especially the wheel base!

The models have HO scale and are compatible with the other UMBUM's rolling stocks and buildings in HO scale. As HO is the most popular scale of model railway in the world, we can say that these models would be compatible with the other wagons and buildings as well.

Models are made of durable cardboard of 0.5 millimeters thick; each model has double-sided full-color printing and embossing (note that embossing is a unique technology for cardboard models!). Assembling is quite easy and doesn't require glue or scissors. The kits are provided with colorful language independent step-by-step instructions.

Best offer Yes!
Historical period 20th century
Scale HO (1/87)
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Contents 157 details, assembly instructions for each model
Complexity of the assembly 4 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) Locomotive: 11x1x2.5 inches (285x35x65 mm); passenger car: 7x2x1 inches (170x35x55 mm);

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