Mongol nomads camp

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For many centuries the Mongols roamed the Eurasian Steppe from China to the Black sea. They didn’t build cities and didn’t erect fortresses. Most of his life a nomad lived in a special collapsible dwelling called yurt. A yurt had a wooden frame covered with an animal skin and decorated inside with fabrics and color patterns. Although it was a temporary dwelling, the yurt was very warm (the fire was built just inside the tent) and well protected from wind and rain.

Horse archers who terrified enemies in the open field were the main force of Mongolian troops. The storming of fortified castles was quite a challenge for the Mongols. However, they had excellent siege machines seized in China.

Chinese masters reached perfection in the manufacturing of complex mechanisms; for instance, a repeating crossbow, also called Chu-ko-nu, which is included in the set, definitely has a Chinese origin.

The Repeating crossbow is a working model! It can shoot arrows at a distance of 8 feet! The magazine in the upper part of the Repeating crossbow can be loaded with 7 bolts that can be fired very quickly one after another by simply pressing on the lever. The set includes 64 bolts - shoot for fun! :)

The set is compatible with war games and RPGs of 25 mm and 28 mm scale. There are some cardboard miniatures of the nomads and pets (25 mm) in the kit.

The model is made of durable cardboard of 1.5 millimeter thick; it has double-sided full-color printing and embossing (note that embossing is a unique technology for cardboard models!). The model could be easily assembled without glue or scissors. It is provided with colorful language independent step-by-step instructions.

Historical period Medieval
Unit type War machines
Scale 28 mm, 25 mm
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.45 kg
Contents 46 details, 64 bolts, an assembly instruction
Complexity of the assembly 4 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) A yurt: 5x4x5 inches (120x95x120 mm); a repeating crossbow: 6x2.5x3 inches (160x65x80 mm)

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