Mansions of Madness Second edition Organizer  Mansion of Madness Second edition Organizer is a great box and stands and cardholders for MoM owners.

Mansions of Madness Second edition Organizer

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The Mansion of Madness Second edition Organizer for the game Mansions of Madness Second Edition fits into the box from the base game and stores all the components from the base game, as well as from the 3 released expansions (tiles, tokens, character cards, cards, etc.), but not intended for storing miniatures.

The basic Mansion of Madness Second edition Organizer includes:

- 3 card files for field tiles from the base game Mansion of Madness 2nd edition.

- A large card file for Condition cards with 16 cells.

- A two-level cardholder with 4 cells for Damage cards, Horror cards, Common and Unique item cards. The upper level can be used for card decks, and the lower level can be used for discard pile. Or you can use the top level for Condition cards, and the bottom one for Damage cards, Horror and Item cards.

- A box with a lid for Clue tokens.

- A box with a lid for Dice (holds up to 20 dice).

- A stand with a lid for tokens of fire, darkness, research, etc.

- A box for Characters cards.

- Five stands for cards of players with notches for Clue tokens and / or Improvement tokens. You can put a character card in the stand or use it for active Condition cards. Up to three small cards can be put on the card stand.

- 2 boxes for miniatures with medium stands (We recommend to put in them "Riot" miniatures.) The top box has a decorative cover with the name of the game.

- 2 display cases with transparent acrylic covers for tokens of secondary characters (with round niches), as well as for door tokens, secret passages, paintings, etc. (with rectangular niches).

In the box of the game there will be a small amount of free space for tiles from future board game expansions. In this case, both display cases can be moved into a box with miniatures (a place for them is left there).

All cardholders, card stands and boxes are designed for cards in sleeves.

For miniatures you will need to buy a separate set of boxes - Mansion of Madness Second edition Box.


- Assembling model kit.

- Supplied as separate parts.

- Use PVA glue for assembling.

- Do not use SuperGlue!

- Before assembling, remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and plastic parts.

More photos of great products from designer Artem Glukhikh (GameBox Advanced) can be seen at his personal page.

Full photo review of components can be seens here.

Type Organizer
Game system Board games, Mansion of Madness
Color transparent
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 3.2 kg
Material Acrylic, Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)

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