Mansions of Madness 2nd edition Box for Miniatures (Brown Edition)

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Mansion of Madness Second edition Boxes for miniatures (Brown Edition) includes:

- A large storage box (in one of 3 color versions).

- A box for large miniatures (3 cells).

- A box for medium and small miniatures (4 cells + 18 cells).

- A box for small miniatures (18 cells).

- A box for miniatures of investigators (20 cells).

All the cells for investigators’ figures have signatures. It helps you to find a needed miniature quickly in the beginning at the game.

Do not be surprised that there are more cells than miniatures in the base game, because we remember about expansions.

The sizes of the niches in the boxes are such ones that you store miniatures there on original stands (The stands have such dimensions for a reason - a token with the characteristics of a monster is inserted inside.)

Since niches for the most part are the same size, you can lay out miniatures in the order that you like the most. For example, you can put monsters by type or alphabetically. The layout of the figures for individual cells is convenient. But you need to keep miniatures horizontally if they are painted. The unpainted miniatures can be stored vertically.

The Box is presented in three color options: Brown Edition, White Edition and Cherry Edition.

Full photo review of components can be seens here.

Type Storage box
Game system Board games, Mansion of Madness
Color transparent
dark brown
Shipping weight 2.6 kg
Material Acrylic, Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)

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