Lovecraft Horror Dice Tower

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Massive Lovecraft Horror Dice Tower devours dice. And everyone can take a breath while they fall into its abyss and come back blessed by Elder Gods.

Signs of 28 Elder Gods decorate Lovecraft Horror Dice Tower. They watch all your moves and only they can decide your fate: luck or misfortune, 1s or 20s. Pray on each slope of each step and probably Gods will bless your throws.

Lovecraft Horror Dice Tower is great for any Role playing games, and its gaps are 30 mm, so it can swallow even big 24 mm sized dice.

Decorations are true and its appearance is solid looking so you will really feel as you have a portal to other worlds in your flat.

To create the Dice Tower you will need to assemble with PVA glue more than 120 details, that’s why if you do not want to summon Elder Gods during this process you can notice that we have already assembled model of Lovecraft Horror Dice Tower in our shop!

To create the Dice Tower you need:

  • PVA glue
  • 6 spare hours
  • Patience
  • Blessing of Gods
  • Wet wipes
  • Brush
Type Dice tower
Game system Board games, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Role-playing games, Eldritch Horror, Mansion of Madness, Warhammer
Color black
Manufacturer Rightgames
Shipping weight 1.5 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Contents 121 details
Size (L*W*H) Size of tower: 120 х 120 х 255 mm, size of tray: 150 х 150 х 25 mm

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