Lizard Puzzle-Tokens for Evolution. The Origin of Species, Gift Edition

Article: LP_000_005
Category: Tokens
Tags: evolution
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An interesting example of tokens designed by Rightgames Company for Evolution the Origin of Species board game. This set contains more tokens.

These lizards are great as a replacement for original tokens. Made of acrylic plastic, bright colored, funny shaped. Also these tokens will be a great addition for a lot of board games and RPGs. It's up to you how to use them!

One more thing, lizard-tokens can be used as a puzzle as well! Yes, you read it right: tokens and a puzzle at the same time, what a miracle!

Their shape is unique and it means that you can place them multifariously. It would be a pleasant mini-game after the main Evolution game play process. For example, if you lose in the main game, you can easily take advantage in the puzzle competition and win it. Start with Novice level: 9 yellow lizards; use any time you prefer. Continue with 27 blue lizards… Getting harder, right? Finally, what’s left for you is 45 red lizards, and this, definitely, would be an outstanding challenge for a true expert!

Please note that we offer the same tokens for the standard edition of Evolution, they differ in quantity.

Type Tokens
Game system Board games
Color red
Manufacturer Rightgames
Shipping weight 0.23 kg
Material Plastic
Contents 45 red lizards, 27 blue lizards, 9 yellow lizards (total: 81 tokens)

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