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Kids board game set - Special offer In Kids board game set: Bug Race, The Jam, Kitchen Garden you will find a racing game, a farming game and a cooking game!

Kids board game set - Special offer

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Since childhood everyone loves board games, especially kids! That is because board games have always been a perfect thing to play in the evening with family or friends. Interesting rules, various types of gameplay, lots of possibilities and stuff…
That’s why we decided to present you a unique mix of fun and excitement – a special board games set for kids!

In this set you will find a racing game, a farming game and a cooking game!

In the racing game called Bug Race you will be a participant of the final race of the championship between bugs. It’s an easy but very interesting family game. Simple rules, bright game design, the ability to plan your actions and to affect on your opponents makes Bug Race a great alternative to the old race games based on the principle of “throw the dice, move а token”.

In the farming game Kitchen Garden you will become a real farmer with your own piece of land, where you will be able to grow seeds, vegetables and fruits. It is a very simple and interesting board game. One of the main features is that the box is very compact and it means that you can take it with you anywhere you want! Of course, if you’re already a successful farmer, we are sure that playing this game would be a pleasure for you, because it is always a pleasure to do what you love to do.

And in the cooking-card game The Jam you can make jam from various fruits and berries, and also cook salads and bake pies. The Jam is a great family game that will make parents and kids, and maybe even grandparents, sit together at the dining table and enjoy the game process.

Sounds fun, isn’t it? No violence in these board games, just pure kindness and cuteness.

Kids would definitely love it!

Basic game or expansion Board games set
Best offer Yes!
Genre Family, Action, Children's Games
Sub-genre Card game, Animals, Farming, Racing
Playing time 20 — 60
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 4
Contents Bug Race, The Jam, Kitchen Garden
Shipping weight 1.195 kg


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