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Ah, Japan… What a wonderful country full of own traditions and particular individuality. Just take a look at the Japanese houses, temples and castles which have absolutely unique architecture! You might think that these buildings are not from our planet at all. Japanese people are famous for their calmness, equability of mind and ability to enjoy beauty.

Japanese castle is a 3D erector set and a competition of skill and accuracy. Laconic fascination of traditional Japanese architecture, ancient European card-building passion and native Russian talent of constructing magnificent edifices without any nail are united in this game.

The game concept is familiar to everyone who has built a card castle at least once: vertical piers are leaned together and horizontal cards are placed at their top becoming a base for the new floor, and it continues till there are no cards left or one clumsy movement ruins the construction. The special thing about this game is that it assumes a lot of variations of game play. You can play it alone and it will teach you how to concentrate, it will help you to calm down and relax. But also you can play it with family or friends because you will be able to make a real competition! For example, a few sets of this game would allow you to build a huge tower and you can even set a worldwide record! Or you can play this game like a Jenga game – build a tower and then put out cards and try not to destroy it. Other way you can play a hardcore mode of the game – the Earthquake. When all players build their castles you start to shake the table. Ta-da-dam. And the winner is an owner of the last standing castle.

So, just use your imagination and you can build whatever you want or if you’re a creative person – you can even think up your own rules.

Cards of the Japanese castle are decorated not just with the elements from the Asian culture, but with the original folklore pictures that the Moscow gallery of the Japanese antiquaries “Yugen” has provided for us.

Japanese castle is a peaceful and beautiful art game that will be perfect and for the family’s and children’s leisure. This game teaches you how to make wonderful things just from the pieces of cardboard paper.

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family, Party game
Sub-genre Card game
Playing time 10 — 90
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 1 — 4
Contents 102 wall cards, 12 screen cards, 36 ceiling cards, game rules
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