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Historical board game set - Special offer In this set you can find three games about the historical events that took place in different time intervals.

Historical board game set - Special offer

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Humanity has experienced many positive and negative moments. It has studied and improved more and more with each passing year to become what it is now. World history is being created right in front of us, that’s why it is very important to know it!

But for some people it is not so easy to study this subject... It happens that the books are written too boring and have a lot of information which is difficult to remember. And we found a way out of this situation!

We thought why not to try to learn history through board games? After all, when you reproduce an action, participate in it, build special tactics - everything fits in head perfectly.

In this set you can find three games about the historical events that took place in different time intervals.

Firstly, The Kingdoms of Crusaders board game, which is telling us about the age of the Crusaders. It is a card game in which players vie for power in five ancient states of the crusaders. This game is for those who appreciate games of accurate calculation and tactical decisions.

Secondly, Swords and Bagpipes - a board game, in which players lead Scottish clans at the time of the English invasion. The game is based on a situation known as the prisoner's dilemma. To win the player must stand on the side of the common enemy (but if there are too many traitors, they will lose the game). In order to choose the right moment for betrayal and to obtain the greatest benefit from it, you will need not only the calculation and tactics, but also the ability to guess about the plans of the opponents. Swords and Bagpipes is a unique combination of social deduction and strategy game.

Thirdly, Founders of the Empire board game, where every player is turn to be the leader of the small ancient nation. The civilization that in the finale of the game will be the most advanced will have the right to be called the founders of the Empire.

As you can see, studying history and having fun became a possible thing!

Basic game or expansion Board games set
Best offer Yes!
Genre Family, Strategy, Detective
Sub-genre Historic, Card game, Medieval, Ancient, Civilization, Farming, Bluffing
Playing time 20 — 45
Suggested age 12 — 99
Number of players 2 — 6
Contents The Kingdoms of Crusaders, Swords & Bagpipes, Founders of the Empire
Shipping weight 1.94 kg


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