Ham token for Evolution

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During the evolution process some types of animals became bloodthirsty carnivores... To survive they had to eat other animals.

In Evolution board game there are herbivorous and carnivorous animals and the rules of evolution work here in full mode. Every time a carnivore eats an animal it receives two additional blue food tokens, but it can also eat red colored food tokens from the food bank. The tokens in the base game look pretty simple and boring, that's why we've made these shaped tokens!

So with these tokens you don’t have to feed the carnivores with the herbivores’ food! Let the predators eat ham!

The main feature of these tokens is that they can be used in many board games and RPGs to mark food, meat, animals, cows, products of farms, pastures… blue aliens’ meat?

MORE TOKENS BY MINIMAL SHIPPING PRICE. Each token has a small size and weight but the postal service sets the minimum cost of shipping. It means that you can buy 50 tokens and the shipping price won't increase. Even if you choose 100+ tokens the shipping price will grow very slightly. You can add up more tokens to your order on this page (using the form below the Availability sign) or you can change the quantity of tokens in the shopping cart.

Type Tokens
Game system Evolution the Origin of Species/ Evolution: Random Mutations
Color blue
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.001 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic)
Contents 1 Ham food token for Evolution
Symbol: Ham

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