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Fun board game set - Special offer In Fun board game set you can find three amazingly funny board games: Big Brain Bang, Zombie! Run for your lives!, The Jam

Fun board game set - Special offer

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Fun, fun, fun… Fun is everywhere!

Did you know that the happiness hormones called "endorphins" are being produced particularly strong when a person laughs? Endorphin is an integral part of the human body and consciousness, however, as laughter and joy. The more you laugh the better you feel. It's simple!

We want to show you something that will improve your health for a long period of time. And that is a special Fun board game set.

In this set you can find three amazingly funny board games:

Big brain bang is a board game for dexterity and accuracy, that offers to look at the thought process from an unexpected side. In the role of the brain here is a gaming table, where players build a neural network from cardboard nerve cells. In this game you can send your idea to travel along the nerve endings, to knock out enemy’s thoughts from the head and even use sinister burner of the brain to disrupt other people's plans. It is a witty and innovative version of classic games on accuracy.

Zombe! Run for your lives! is a really funny board game that will make any party just unforgettable. It’s a game full of action and laughter; it’s a friendly competition for lives. Imagine: You and your friends (the game is recommend for 3 or more people) are suddenly surrounded by the uncountable number of the living dead, who are super aggressive and they're going to eat you all actually! What would you, guys, do?

The Jam is a great family game that will make parents and kids, and maybe even grandparents, sit together at the dining table and enjoy the game process. This is a card game where you can make jam from various fruits and berries, and also cook salads and bake pies. We thought about every small detail and created the rules for special occasions! So you can play this game in a road trip, we promise that it won’t take a lot of space. And kinds younger than 10 years old can also participate in the game process, which would be easier but still very exciting.

Want to throw a party or just have fun? Don’t forget to take Fun board games set with you!

Basic game or expansion Board games set
Best offer Yes!
Genre Family, Action, Party game, Children's Games, Active
Sub-genre Card game, Zombies, Humor, Dexterity, Dice game
Playing time 15 — 60
Suggested age 10 — 99
Number of players 2 — 7
Contents Big Brain Bang, Zombie! Run for your lives!, The Jam
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