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Evolution Board game with Expansions Set  A Full Set of Evolution board game with expansions!

Evolution Board game with Expansions Set
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Behold! There is the greatest thing on Earth, a dream of every boardgamer...

A Full Set of Evolution board game with expansions!

You can find all the Evolution games in one set and even a mini-expansion is here too. Now you can play up to 8 players! This set, definitely, would be a perfect gift for a family or friends.

Evolution is a very fun and educational board game based on Charles Darwin's theory. And your main goal is to make a developed population of species that would fight for survival, and by the end of the game will dominate the planet!

Evolution. The Origin of Species is a base game and all the expansions are connected with it. It is a great example of a popular scientific game. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – it is a board game about Evolution process! Animals of different species live and develop, receive new abilities and compete for food. To become a speedy carnivore or a big water dweller, it all depends on the habitat.

Evolution: Time to Fly is a first add-on for the base game, which will increase the number of possibilities and things that you can make in the game. With the new expansion your animals will learn to fly, learn live birth (Vivaparous) and almost will gain intelligence. The most interesting (in our opinion) card is Anglerfish – simple animal that turns into a carnivore and attacks the animal that is trying to eat it. Our advice is: be careful, those animals are not as nice as they look like, they can easily turn out to be dangerous predators trying to catch you.

Evolution: Continents is a second add-on. This version contains some new traits, special continent cards and extra food tokens. The main novelty in this addition is geographical factor. Animal rivals now live not in an abstract game space, bun in specific locations: Laurasia, Gondwana or the Tethys Ocean. And animals can migrate. Also some cards from the base game and first expansion started to work a little differently. Even more diversity and unpredictability came to the game with "Continents"!

Evolution: Random Mutations is not a replacement for the original "Evolution" or an extension to it - this is a standalone board game. "Random Mutations" has the same aim as the Evolution The Origin of Species but the way of reaching it differs. Firstly, players develop the whole species, not the separated creatures. Secondly, as it can be seen in the game name, getting new traits for the species is random. Not all traits are now useful, it means that your species can receive a negative mutation and die after few turns. Now the main goal of the player is to evaluate which species are more adapted to the environment and has more chances of survival.

Evolution: Variation is a sub-expansion, which contains 18 additional cards for Evolution: Origin of Species (compatible with all other expansions) and 6 cards for Evolution: Random Mutations. So, five very useful new traits are here in this sub-expansion set! With these five you get some strategical possibilities that might have lacked before.

We also recommend you to buy Plantarum expansion that adds plants to the game! With an expansion the food base is determined by plants that appear, grow and fructify according to a specific algorithm. This feature allows you to predict and calculate the amount of available food. Plants on the game field are common for every player; any player can affect the course of the evolution of plants that goes due to special plant traits.

It is nicer to play with all the additions involved when there are 4+ players. If there are fewer players, it will be convenient to take half of random cards from each game set. But it is interesting also to influence on the course of evolution on a global scale - with the help of deck building to create your own unique sets to play with friends.

Basic game or expansion Board games set
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Genre Family, Action, Party game
Sub-genre Prehistoric, Educational, Card game, Animals
Playing time 30 — 60
Suggested age 11 — 99
Number of players 2 — 8
Contents Evolution.The Origin of Species, Evolution. Random mutations, Expansions: Time to fly, Continents; Sub-expansion Evolution. Variations
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