EVO Dice Tower  EVO dice tower will be a perfect addition for Evolution the Origin of Species board game.

EVO Dice Tower

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Evolution follows its path blindly, moving by trial and error. It can be compared to a player who repeatedly throws the dice until he rolls a perfect combination. EVO dice tower will help you to gain the desired result, and will make this process enjoyable and entertaining.

The tower is made of transparent plexiglass and can be assembled without glue. Dice are rolling down through the crystal steps with a rhythmic knocking, because the steps are slightly swaying, guiding the movement of the dice inside the tower. Throw a die or a few of them and watch them roll down the spiral staircase with a slight rustle. You know what would be really stunning and super-stylish? Few colorful dice thrown into the dice tower in a row! Try it once and you'll want to do it again and again - that's how satisfying it is!


EVO dice tower will be a perfect addition for Evolution the Origin of Species board game, since the tower has a lizard engraving and its spiral staircase looks a bit like a double helix of the DNA :) But, in Evolution board game you don't have to throw the dice that often, so you'll probably want to use this dice tower in some other games... which is just great because EVO dice tower is an amazing accessory for any game with dice!

The kit includes detailed assembly instructions (manual) and some spare details. A special pterodactyl-detail from the kit will help you to assemble the tower; when all the parts of the tower are put together - combine the pterodactyl with a crab detail to make a small fence.

Type Dice tower
Game system Board games, Evolution the Origin of Species/ Evolution: Random Mutations
Color transparent
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Material Transparent plexiglass
Contents 28 details, 1 rubber band, assembly instructions
Size (L*W*H) 3x3x8.5 inches (80x80x220 mm)

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