Eldritch Horror Ancient One's tablet

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Eldritch Horror Ancient One's tablet is a universal tablet for Eldritch deck cards.

Features of the Eldritch Horror Ancient One's tablet:

- The tablet is suitable for any kind of Ancient one from any of released expansions!

- The main card of the Ancient One is inclined, which makes it easy to read information from it.

- The upper level of the tablet section is divided into 2 parts: the left one is for a deck of Mystery cards, and the right space is a compartment with an acrylic insert with cutouts for Ancient tokens (up to 8 tokens fit it).

- The lower level of the Eldritch Horror Ancient One's tablet is divided into 2 levels horizontally and two levels vertically. The height of each of them is calculated based on the maximum possible number of cards in each compartment. In the left part on the top floor there are Ancient encounter cards (24 pcs.), below them, on the ground floor, there are special encounter cards (8 pcs). The right part on the upper and lower floors is for other cards (12 pieces in each).

- If you want you can store the Ancient decks right in the tablet, covering them with the main card of the Ancienth one.


- Assembling model kit.

- Supplied as separate parts.

- Use PVA glue for assembling.

- Do not use SuperGlue!

- Before assembling, remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and plastic parts.

More photos of great products from designer Artem Glukhikh (GameBox Advanced) can be seen at his personal page.

Type Cardholder
Game system Board games, Eldritch Horror
Color wood
Shipping weight 0.2 kg
Material Acrylic, Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)

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