Double-deck cardholder with a horizontal tray (player board for Pathfinder)

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It is not a secret that board games often take a lot of space on the game table. Especially if the game doesn’t have a fixed field and consists of many elements (as it often happens in card games). Besides that sometimes it is necessary to equip the character by taking a lot of trait cards and a player just has to place a bunch of cards in front of him. Moreover, he has to navigate the cards without confusion.

We have developed this double-deck cardholder to optimize and simplify the gaming process. Now the character cards won't take a lot of space and will always be in front of you. We perfectly know that the fighters have to change weapons periodically and the witchers have to take new potions and spells from the holdings... And with this new double-deck cardholder it would be much easier to do all the necessary stuff!

By the way, it is possible to store all the character's ammunition between the games if you play in a story-driven game where your characters have to take a lot of journeys.

The cardholder is suitable for all card games!

There are niches for a deck of character's cards and for discarded cards in the cardholder. During the game one or two additional inserts can be taken out; you can use this extra space for the cards with the parameters of the character. At the end of the game inserts can be removed and placed at the bottom of the cardholder.

In addition to the aforementioned the niches for placing location cards are provided too.

The item is sold unassembled.

The cardholder is compatible with Pathfinder ACG, Eminent Domain, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror and many other card games.

Type Cardholder
Game system Arkham Horror, Eminent Domain, Pathfinder
Color wood
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 0.24 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Contents 21 details
Size (L*W*H) 4x6x1 inches (103x152x28 mm)

Assembly instructions

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