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Confetti is a fun board game that challenges your attention and reaction skills. This game will appeal to any player because it is very simple and dynamic! The main task is to collect as many sets of colored circles of different sizes as you can... but note that it must be done in just one minute! A set is considered to be a small, medium and big circle of the same color.

And also, you can only use one hand while the second one will have to hold the cards that can be stolen by your opponents at any moment! A card can be pulled out and taken only in a special way; note that you can’t lift the cards off the table. So, to capture a card you will need to press it down with a finger, draw it from the pile of the cards and move it (by pulling/pushing/kicking) to your second hand that is holding your sets. Believe it or not, but in one minute you can actually collect as many as 6 sets of 6 cards; and the game is played in three rounds.

For variety, the game also has some alternative modes of the rules: on the back side of the cards with the circles you'll find colorful geometric shapes that can also be collected in sets. Or, for example, there is even a forever alone mode in this game, but we can tell that the game is much more fun and interesting in a company of your friends and family.

Turn on the Everlasting party mode inside your head and try this game out!

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family, Action, Party game, Children's Games, Active
Sub-genre Card game, Dexterity
Playing time 10 — 20
Suggested age 9 — 99
Number of players 1 — 7
Contents 84 cards, sandtimer, game rules
Shipping weight 0.3 kg

Game rules

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