Choice tokens (for Swords and Bagpipes)

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Swords and Bagpipes is a board game about the war between Scotland and England. The game is a unique combination of social deduction and strategy. It is based on a situation known as the prisoner's dilemma. To win the player must stand on the side of the common enemy but if there are too many traitors, they will lose the game. Exciting, isn’t it?

So we’d like to offer you these luxury Choice tokens as a replacement for the cardboard tokens in the base game!

During the Choice Phase each player should place one of the Choice tokens face down, that would mean the player is fighting for Scotland or he is a traitor and a supporter of English king. One token shows English crown and the other one shows a traditional Scottish tam-o'-shanter (a beret); other side of the tokens shows a clan’s tartan. Each token has a wooden frame that is much more durable than the cardboard material that can rub off on the edges because of frequent use. And it is very important to play the Choice token secretly so none of your opponents can guess what side you support.

The set also includes a wooden storage box with a transparent cover that can be locked up easily.

Type Tokens
Game system Swords and Bagpipes
Color red
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.3 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic), Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Contents 12 Choice tokens, a wooden box with a lit

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