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The children's room is a place that will appeal to every child! After all, there are lots of toys, books and fun in this room. Children love bright colors – so the children's room is better to be decorated with such colors as green, light green, yellow, blue, orange, pink etc. It is the colors that bring joy, and it means that kids will always be in a good mood!

In this set you will find an angular shape construction, which is basically a corner of the room, decorated in classic English rococo style. Bright wallpapers with a floral ornament and arches clearly indicate a certain style in which the corner is decorated. In the left wall there is a cupboard filled with the Victorian era toys and dolls. On the right wall there is a beautiful white arched door. Certain patterns created in the interior of this set, visually enlarge the space of the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Also there is a large and beautiful carpet on the parquet floor. Just fill this room with toys and furniture – and it will become a real paradise for children!

Durable, thick, mill-lined cardboard, with a thickness of 1.6 millimeters, gives this constructor a new quality. It’s nice and convenient to make models now. This model is printed with double-sided full-color printing. Also the cardboard is very pleasant to the touch, because it has the embossing. The embossing makes walls of this model look almost like a real; you can touch and feel every brick, book, plank… The locks snap into place with a satisfying click-effect. After playing, it's easy to take it apart and put in a box or bag that is easy to store. You will not need glue or scissors to build this model. The set can be recommended for adult collectors and children who have experience of assembling our toys. In the set box you will find step-by-step instructions (they are language independent and full of pictures).

We especially recommend these roomboxes for collectors. In the corner of the room collectors will be able to place the furniture and dolls from their collection.

Please note that in our store you can find a few more roomboxes which are stylized to a certain room interior. The main thing that you can fasten roomboxes all together and you can build a multistory house where all the rooms will look different – interesting and colorful!

We also have a wide variety of different furniture for roomboxes and dollhouses!

Size of the corner is: 260x150x200 mm or 10x6x8 inches (L*W*H)

Style Retro
Complexity of the assembly 1 (5)
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.3 kg
Contents 2 details, an assembly instruction
Suggested age 5 — 99
Scale 1:12
Type Roombox

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