Mice and Mystics board game organizer

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A fairy tale should stay a fairy tale till the end - that's why we decided to create this fabulous "cheesy" organizer for Mice and Mystics board game!

The mice are living in a mouse house between the journeys and the Vanestra’s minions are trapped in cells.Sometimes game preparation takes really a lot of time and for this case we made a multi-functional organizer. Once you want to go to the next adventure, with this organizer you can put all the characters and resources out of the box, place a game field and start a new game in just a few minutes. “Cheesy” fun for real adventurers!


1. Cheesy Mouse house (8 rooms. 6 for the base game figures, 2 for the figures from the expansion)

2. A prison for minions (9 cells + 1 hidden cell. 6 cells for rats, 1 for the Centipede, 1 cell for the Spider with a secret/hidden space underneath, one empty cell for the minion's miniature from the expansion or for the miniature of captain Vurst)

3. Cheesy storage box for stunned tokens, elite rats tokens and other large markers

4. Cheesy box for cheese tokens with a storage compartment for tokens from the expansion

5. Cheesy box for tokens of wounds and poisoning with a storage compartment for tokens from the expansion

6. Additional cheesy box for storage of tokens

7. A corridor for cockroaches

8. A cheesy corner for storage of dice and mouse traps

9. Dual cardholder for storage of initiative and abilities card

10. A cardholder for storage of search cards that also has its usability while playing search action

11. Cheesy cardholder for storage and usage of encounter cards in the game. The cardholder has 3 niches. A niche on the top is for the current Chapter. Middle one can be used to store unused Chapter cards. The bottom niche is for storage of the encounter cards from the expansion

12. Cheesy box for storage of cards of abilities or skills of characters that are not used in the current Chapter (or not used at all)

13. Individual gamepads for players with acrylic inserts - 4 pcs.

Please note that Cheese tokens are not included in the set.

Type Organizer
Game system Mice and Mystics
Color wood
Manufacturer GameBoxAdvanced
Shipping weight 1.15 kg
Material Wood (high density fiberboard - HDF)
Contents 145 details

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