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About Buy dice towers, game organizers and inserts in our online official RuBrand store

Like you we love board games and want them to be played with comfort and as much as possible.

Different Board Game Accessories make game process easier and add a lot of pleasure.

Some of Board Game Accessories help to organize your place and storing game components – so it saves up your time for playing. Other Board Game Accessories add lots of fun to routine actions like dice throwing. Also one more function of Board Game Accessories is to add atmosphere and theme to your games – isn’t it great to play with tokens which look like real money or piece of good but not like common wooden cube?

At RuBrand online store you can get different unique Board Game Accessories made with love for board games and thought about making game process be more fun!


We sell official organizers and playnizers of GameBoxAdvanced brand. GameBoxAdvanced playnizers not only store game components but are also a part of a game.

You can buy organizer for Mice and Mystics, organizer for Mansion of Madness, organizer for Eldritch Horror, organizer for Gloomhaven, organizer for Isle of Skye and many other games at


Cardholders are special boxes help you to hold your card decks. There are some universal cardholders or made for specific board games.

Eldritch Horror Ancient One’s tablet is an ideal cardholder during playing game time.

Arkham Horror LCG Player’s cardholder helps you to optimize your personal space during game process and also keeps your player’s card decks save between plays.

Storage box

Storage box is great thing to replace cardboard original game box (for example Mansion of Madness box). Or storage box can be unique and great present. Game of Throne fans can find Chest of High Septon at RuBrand store.

Dice Towers

Rightgames produce unique Dice Towers for different board games.


Special acrylic and wooden tokens look fancy and can replace boring original cubes in games.


Original dice can become a unique gift for many board and role-play gamers.

Dice tray

Dice tray is a wonderful thing when you need to roll many dice simultaneously and do not want them jump around your room.

For game designers

Some of you not only play board games but create new ones. For you we offer special items for game designers – wooden tiles – which will lead you to creation of new bestseller in board game world!

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