Bumpers for money tokens (for Isle of Skye)

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We've been thinking about various protective accessories for board games such as protective sleeves for cards, storage boxes for game elements, durable wooden organizers and stuff... And we thought: "Hey, what about tokens? How to protect them from peeling off?”. The answer was not very obvious but we finally came to an idea and created plastic protective bumpers for tokens! Bumpers for cardboard tokens that are supposed to be used as protective elements, just like protective sleeves for cards but for tokens!

However, unlike card protectors, which are mainly universal, protectors for tokens are made for a specific game, sized exactly as the cardboard game elements. The bumpers can be easily put on the tokens because of dimensional tolerance that is about 0.05 mm; at the same time the bumpers firmly hold the tokens and make them look outstanding! Besides the fact that with these bumpers the tokens are very pleasant to the touch and just look great, the edges of the tokens are safely protected.

Please note that the bumpers only fit for money tokens from Isle of Skye board game; money tokens are not included in the kit - you'll only receive 75 protective bumpers sized exactly as money tokens.

Type Other
Game system Isle of Skye
Color transparent
Manufacturer Machingem Evolvement
Shipping weight 0.15 kg
Material Plastic (acrylic)
Contents 75 protective bumpers for tokens

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