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A forest clearing today is overcrowded: the final race of the championship attracted thousands of insects from around the forest. Fans are waving their antennae, they are rustling wings excitedly and impatiently rubbing their scaly legs. And finally, here they are: four of the best runners appear in different corners of the clearing. On the judge's signal, they rush to its center, where in the finishing line the winner can get a delicious prize — a huge juicy apple. At first, the riders are going smoothly, but suddenly one of them stumbles on his own foot and nearly fall out of the race. Will he manage to catch up with the rivals? Special guests - robobugs from the outer space - are closely watching a tense competition; by the way, the race on the Cup of the Universe will take place on the space station soon.

Bug Race is a race competition in which each player is trying to lead to victory his or her own bug. Beetles consist of seven cardboard elements: a body and six legs. Participants of the race play the cards which allow them to move forward with one or other legs and pull the body followed by the extremities. One of the players whose bug will be the first to crawl over the finish line is the winner and will become globally famous. Moreover, the winner will gain interplanetary fame as for the first time in the Grand Bug Races!

It’s an easy but very interesting family game. Simple rules, bright game design, the ability to plan your actions and to affect on your opponents makes Bug Race a great alternative to the old race games based on the principle of “throw the dice, move а token”. And for those who think that the game is too easy, there are advanced rules with “draft” mechanics when players draw four cards and pass them three times in the course.

Basic game or expansion Basic game
Genre Family, Action, Children's Games
Sub-genre Animals, Racing
Playing time 20 — 45
Suggested age 11 — 99
Number of players 2 — 4
Contents 70 cards, 4 bugs, 24 leg tiles, 4 tracks, game rules
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