#rubrandstore go, go, go!

Hello, dear friends!

We have some news for you. What we wanted to say is that we’d love to see your happy faces and positive reviews as often as possible! That is why we decided to make our own hashtag that looks like this:

It is a great thing for us to have because this hashtag will help us a lot! And it means that now you, our amazing customers, can tag us, Rubrand, in any social network using this cool hashtag!

So, please, share your pictures and videos of our board games, dice towers, tokens and anything else in social networks using #rubrandstore. In response we'll send you lots of love, likes and maybe even a kitten picture! ;)

P.S. Check out our groups and pages, you'll find the links below. And remember that you're always welcome to join and follow us anywhere.


Rubrand team.

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