New Wild West UMBUM building Collection!

Create your own WILD WEST WORLD with new UMBUM collection of cardboard puzzle-like buildings.

Wild West terrain can suit your different hobbies. You can build a real Wild West town for miniature wargaming! Or make a wonderful realistic diorama. Or play any other western-themed table top games. Or… use your imagination and you will feel air of freedom, sounds of gun shots, happiness from new discoveries and romance of pioneers’ life. Because all these things that come in mind when we hear “Old West”.

Find out more about Wild West models from new collection of UMBUM (Clever Paper).

Buildings from Wild West UMBUM collection are typical Wild West type structures. When you look at them you notice that the sun and wind made them bleached and a little bit higgledy-piggledy.

It’s great that you can create the whole Wild West scenery with several cardboard different buildings. So it’s easy and up to you to choose how your Western town looks like. Take in mind that you can modify cardboard material and turn some buildings into ruined or burned ones.

With buildings from Wild West UMBUM collection you can play Western themed games like Shakes and Saloons, Deadlands, Boot Hill, Dogs in the Vineyard, Dust Devils, WOD, Edge of the Frontier, Legends of the Untamed West, and others.

Note, that With Wild West UMBUM (Clever Paper) Collection you can also create great railroad diorama. They are compatible with miniatures of 10 or 15 mm scale and great for all your ideas!

RuBrand online store offers you such structures:

  • Outpost. Definitely for new western towns it was one of the main places where the whole city started.
  • Barbershop. First of all we can say male world needs real service for men. That time first barbers also served as dentists and surgeries.
  • Church. Surely church was a core place for culture life in 19th century western towns.
  • Wind Pump. We cannot imagine town without these structures.
  • Saloon. Here come a place there you could find all cowboys of Wild West town.
  • Bank. We can’t live without it. So just imagine how many scenarios of your miniature games can take place exactly there!
  • Warehouse. This place is another top rated place of pioneers’ life.
  • Graveyard and Undertaker’s. Sadly but true, dangerous life at Wild West can bring everyone there.
  • Sheriff’s House. Sheriff’s House model – place there law was.
  • Steamboat. Even in Wild West life there was a place for progress. You could move to Mississippi and travel by such steamboat.