Evolution Plantarum expansion

Hello, dear friends and fans of “Evolution” board game!

We are very excited to share great news with you! The point is that we’ve developed a new expansion called Plantarum for the Evolution Origin of Species board game. The expansion itself is totally new and super interesting, we can guarantee that!

So, a few words about the new expansion: the main novelty is that we added another forms of living organisms to the game; these forms are various plants and fungi! Now plants produce food, which means that you no longer have to use dice and play randomly. With this feature you’ll know exactly how much food your animals get each round. The second amazing feature is that the plants can evolve and players can affect this process by adding various traits to the plants.

And, of course, it is necessary to tell you more about these new characters of the expansion – the plants! We have carefully considered all the details and tested this game many times. So, in the end, we decided to add different types of plants and complemented it with various useful traits. In this expansion you'll find such plants as a Carnivorous plant, a Liana, an Ephemeral plant, a Fungus, a Succulent and a lot more types of plants! In addition to these plants you'll find a wide range of traits such as an Officinalis trait, Aquatic trait, Spiky trait, Protein rich trait, etc.

Try it yourself and tell us your opinion about it! We’ll start selling the Plantarum expansion at SPIEL board game fair and it will be available for purchase in our online store soon.